Secure access to internal applications without a VPN

Building a fence around your internal applications no longer works for your global team. Cloudflare Access replaces corporate VPN clients by putting Cloudflare’s global edge network in front of your internal applications.

Internal Application
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Cloudflare Access

One dashboard. All of your internal apps

A single pane of glass to secure your team’s applications.

  • Secure on-premise applications with SSO in hours, not months
  • Standardize access controls across on-prem, private, and public cloud resources
  • Manage access to internal apps on a per-user and per-application basis
Cloudflare Access

Zero Trust. 100% Coverage

Extend zero trust security to private applications.

  • Minimize exposed application surface and protect your assets from attack
  • Implement a software-defined security perimeter without code changes
  • Establish discrete perimeters of protection around key applications
Cloudflare Access

Put your VPN on a performance improvement plan

Ditch your corporate VPN for SaaS-like ease of use for all your internal applications.

  • Authenticate users anywhere in the world with Cloudflare’s global network
  • Drive adoption and reduce IT overhead with a seamless and familiar login experience
  • Improve end user performance with Cloudflare’s distributed network and intelligent routing
Cloudflare Access

Third party users? First class citizens

Seamlessly onboard partners and contractors without issuing and managing corporate login accounts.

  • Integrate with multiple identity providers simultaneously
  • Utilize popular identity provider options for external users, while your employees use your corporate SSO
  • Connect securely from any device with no special software agent required
Cloudflare Access

Audit logins, and everything else

Log and review every event.

  • Generate logs for logins, access requests and policy changes across all of your internal applications, all in one place
  • Search and investigate logs within the dashboard
  • Integrate with SIEMs for enterprise visibility

How it works

Legacy approach

Legacy approach to internal security

Put all internal applications behind on-premise hardware, and then force all your users through a VPN to secure your applications and their traffic. As more of the world shifts to mobile and internal applications move to the cloud, this model breaks.

Cloudflare Access

Cloudflare for Teams

Expand your perimeter to Cloudflare’s edge network, effectively creating a private network for all your devices, and all your internal applications — whether on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.

Here to help.

To help teams stay connected from any location during the coronavirus emergency, Cloudflare is offering unlimited seats of Cloudflare for Teams for organizations of all sizes through at least September 1, as well as a free 30-minute onboarding session.

You can sign up for a 1-1 onboarding session right now.