Need help enabling access for remote employees? Cloudflare for Teams is available at no cost until September 1st.

Secure users, devices and networks on the open Internet.

Your team members need to connect to the Internet to do their jobs, but existing solutions try to keep them safe by forcing the Internet through legacy hardware. Cloudflare Gateway delivers comprehensive security to teams on the Internet, and the data you keep, all without compromising performance.

Cloudflare Gateway

A safe harbor on the open Internet

Protect your users as they navigate the Internet.

  • Keep malicious content off your network using DNS filtering
  • Gain complete visibility into traffic on and off your network
  • Stop zero-day threats by moving execution of web code from users' browsers to the Cloudflare edge
Cloudflare Gateway

Build for the Cloud. Not the 1990s

Reduce your network complexity, spend, and latency with Cloudflare’s global network.

  • Manage, deploy and monitor your security policies in one place
  • Stop backhauling traffic to HQ by sending Internet-bound traffic straight to Cloudflare
  • Improve performance of applications on the Internet with Argo smart routing technology

"Algolia is growing pretty fast. We needed a way to have visibility across our corporate network without slowing things down for our employees. Gateway gave us a simple way to do that."

− Adam Surak,

Director of Infrastructure & Security

Cloudflare Gateway

Speed up, costs down

Reduce spending on expensive MPLS links and legacy on-premise hardware.

  • Deprecate your next-gen firewall appliance by leveraging the Cloudflare edge for traffic inspection
  • Eliminate expensive MPLS fees by removing the need for office backhaul
  • Integrate with SD-WAN providers to route traffic securely through Cloudflare’s edge
Cloudflare Gateway

Watch your data like a hawk

Get visibility into all of your Internet traffic with SSL inspection.

  • Scan for threats in disguise with deep packet inspection
  • Identify devices that are compromised by malware, command & control callback, or other security threats
  • Identify unsanctioned SaaS applications
  • Visualize all your Internet traffic
  • Push logs to your SIEM

How it works

Legacy approach

Legacy approach

Teams need to connect to the Internet to do their work. Legacy approaches attempted to force that Internet traffic through hardware that could not scale and only slowed down users.

Cloudflare Gateway

Cloudflare for Teams

Cloudflare Gateway replaces outdated boxes with Cloudflare’s global network. Instead of backhauling traffic, users connect to one of Cloudflare’s data centers in 200 cities around the world, where Cloudflare applies security policies and filtering.

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Protect employees from threats on the Internet with DNS filtering. Gateway is available at no cost until September 1.