Need help enabling access for remote employees? Cloudflare for Teams is available at no cost until September 1st.
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Secure your devices, networks, and internal applications.

Cloudflare for Teams secures every connection without compromising user performance.

Simple, secure access for internal apps.
  • Comprehensive Zero Trust security
  • Seamlessly onboard partners and contractors
  • Comprehensively audit every event and request
A secure path to the Internet.
  • Secure your global users without network complexity and latency
  • Get complete visibility into Internet traffic
  • Data stays internal across every environment

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With the all-new Teams dashboard, you can manage security policies for your people, network and devices, all in one place

Customer Stories





"Cloudflare Access provides a BeyondCorp-style method of authentication, which ensures that the environment can be reached from anywhere in the world without the use of a VPN."

− Marc Campbell and Grant Miller,


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"Our whole team is remote, working from home offices. We don’t have a server room with hardware firewall appliances, and it wouldn’t really make sense to have one. So I’m always looking for ways to keep our team more secure and harden their connections, wherever they are."

− Stephen Webb

Director of IT, Holtmeyer & Monson

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"VPNs are frustrating and lead to countless wasted cycles for employees and the IT staff supporting them. With Cloudflare Access, we have a far more reliable, intuitive, secure solution that operates on a per user, per access basis. I think of it as Authentication 2.0 — even 3.0"

− Amod Malviya,

Co-founder, Udaan

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"eZanga once required VPN capabilities or you had to be on the office network; Access took the place of that VPN for employees to easily and securely access systems from home."

− Joe Rodichok,

CTO, eZanga

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The Cloudflare Difference

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Industry-leading network & scale

  • Cloudflare operates within 100 ms of 99% of Internet users in the developed world
  • 37 Tbps of network capacity
  • Network presence in 200 cities and 95 countries
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Intelligence from unique sources

  • Threat data gathered from securing more than 27M web properties
  • 72B cyber threats blocked per day
  • Intel from 14M HTTP requests per second on average
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Fast connections—tested at scale

  • Security powered by, the world's fastest public DNS resolver
  • Built on with Warp, Cloudflare’s consumer product with 200k reviews and an average of 4.5 rating

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